J. C. W. Lindsay

son of

Colonel John Lindsay

of the Revolutionary War

was born November 26, 1795

in Wilkes Co, GA.

Died May 22, 1870

in Upson County, Georgia

His wife, Nancy Fowler Houghton

daughter of James Houghton

was born June 24, 1794

in Green County, Georgia and

died June 23, 1875 in

Upson County Georgia.

They were married by

Rev. Dr. Lovick Pierce

November 26, 1817 in

Green County, Georgia.

They and some of their

children were buried

in this, the Lindsay Family

Burial Ground, in

Upson County, Georgia.
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map to farm

Lucy holding a framed image of the Lindsay Family Tree beside the Lindsay pewter plaque (4MB) and Lindsay Holliday within the walled cemetery.

CloseUp of the Pewter Lindsay Plaque (4mb) - read every word...

Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 20:14:25 -0400
From: Holliday Dental <>
Subject: Lindsay Burial Grounds 

Steve Kendrick 706-472-3423

Thank you for speaking with me just now about the possibility of visiting the Lindsay Graves on your parents property.  Please have your dad call me when convenient at my home phone listed below.  We would like to visit the graves tomorrow after church if that is convenient with you all.

My relations to the Lindsays there are detailed on my webpage dedicated to it:

Thanks again,
- Lindsay
My information came from 
Linda Hallman,
in the Upson County Sup Court Clerks Office - 647-5847
She faxed me the info below:  

The Cemeteries of Upson County, Georgia
3rd edition (1986) with corrections
"Location: From Yatesville, Ga go out the Barnesville Rd 4.4 miles to Antioch Baptist Church, turn left on Baily Mill Road 0.2 miles to Aubrey Kendricks home. The cemetery is across the road in front of his home. "

"J.C.W. Lindsay, b. 11-26-1795, d. 5-22-1870, son of Col. John Lindsay of the Revolutionary War, born in Wilkes Co., Ga and died in Upson Co., Ga. His wife Nancy Fowler Houghton, daughter of James Houghton was born on 6/24/1794 in Green Co., Ga. and died 6/23/1875, in Upson Co, Ga. They were married by the Rev. Dr. Lovick Pierce, 11/26/1817, in Green Co., Ga They and some of their children were buried in this, the Lindsay Burial Ground in Upson Co., Ga"
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 22:36:06  
From: William Kendrick <>  
Subject: Tomorrow 

I overheard my dad discussing tomorrow with you over the phone. I
probably will not be here because I have a trip planned tomorrow to go
to Macon. A few things to know about the graveyard are that there a
lot of sinkholes and a kudzu type vines growing in it. I believe there
is only one headstone, and last time I rode past the graveyard it had
been knocked off by something, possibly by the concrete pillar it was
resting on being disturbed because of a sinkhole. But I don't know, I
have never been inside the graveyard before.

 It is just a small area 50 feet long by 30 feet wide, and on one side
of the stone wall it is partially falling apart. That's the best way I
can think of to explain it. The graveyard is on top of a hill, and at
the bottom of it is Tobler Creek, which starts behind Davis-Cooper
Ford in Barnesville, and winds its way through eastern Upson County
and eventually makes its way to the Flint River.

If I don't see you tomorrow hopefully I will have the chance to meet
you one day.

-William E Kendrick