Macon Must Do What is Morally Right

When visitors from all over the nation and world come to visit our beautiful city, they are not here to see what new business the Fall Line Freeway has brought to our city but to experience its charm, its festivals, its people and their cultures. I don't oppose the Fall Line Freeway -- just its proposed route that is so morally wrong in that it will destroy irreplaceable Native American artifacts and culture. There are other routes for the Fall Line Freeway that will bring new business to Macon without our town taking part in the ugly oppression the original Americans have endured for the last five hundred years, nearly wiping out their culture. Our citizens don't deserve the cheapest alternatives. If it costs more for our town to do what's right, then so be it. We will reap the benefits of doing what is right.

As the owner of an advertising agency, my business is heavily vested in Macon and its success. We produce hundreds of thousands of dollars of advertising for the largest industry in Macon: TOURISM. This "outside" money is what will make our town grow and become even greater. We must hold on to and protect those things that make our city unique. Just as we have begun protecting our downtown resources, we must also boldly step up to the challenge of nurturing the wonderful mix of cultures Macon has to offer. With this, we will be able to see our town grow without just the uncertain claim of the Fall Line Freeway, "If we build it, they will come."

Imagine what kind of money our city could bring in by supporting the local Native American Culture, already a great asset to tourism in Macon. One of our most valuable tourism resources is Ocmulgee National Monument. Let us not lose sight of the uniqueness of having these ancient mounds in our city. No other major city in Georgia has these opportunities that Macon possesses. Perhaps one day the South's largest Native American museum could be erected here.

I hope you take my words to heart and ask our city officials to do what is right.


Steven Bell

Owner, Allegro Advertising

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