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P.O. BOX 7341


2000-2001 Officers


Virginia Etheredge, President

Mattie Manson,1st Vice-President

Marilyn Sheldon, 2nd Vice-President

Patricia Denier, Secretary

Treasurer, Carolyn Hargrove

Editor - Debbie Buchanan

Board of Directors:

Rosetta Armour-Lightner, Debbie Buchanan, Sandra Cox, Jackie Johnson

Barbara Knight, Barbara Littlefield, Louise Morgan, Frances Olson

LWV-Macon 2000-01 Policies


The League of Women Voters of Macon is non-partisan in that it does not support or oppose any political party or candidate; it is political in that it takes positions on selected governmental issues after member study and agreement. While the League urges its members to be politically active, certain constraints are necessary in order to maintain the nonpartisanship of the organization. Therefore, unless they resign their board positions, the President, Vice Presidents, Voter Service, Membership, and Actions Chairs may not run for a political office or take an active, visible role in a campaign for a political candidate or in support of a position that the League opposes.

Board members other than the above named engaged in political activities (other than running for office) must seek a Board decision as to whether the activity would affect the community's perception of the League's nonpartisanship.

Candidacies of Active LWV Macon members may be announced in The Voter with the under-standing that such an announcement in no way constitutes a League endorsement.

The political activities of a spouse or relative of a Board member shall be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the Board member.

Candidates attending League meetings as guests may provide campaign literature to members provided all attending candidates have been offered the opportunity to do so, and provided that such literature is placed in an area pre-selected by the League.


To receive reimbursement of an expense incurred by a board member, the member must first receive permission of the President to make the expenditure, then provide the treasurer with a filled out voucher accompanied by a receipt for the purchase(s) made.


No member may give the LWV Macon mailing list to any other organization without Board approval.  


Only the President or someone designated by the president shall make public statements or send letters to the editor on behalf of the LWV of Macon.  

Only petitions approved by the Board of Directors may be circulated at League meetings.


Any member making a reservation for lunch and not keeping the reservation will be billed for that luncheon.


September 2000

Tommy Olmstead and Commissioner Dennis Dorsey to Speak at First General Meeting, Sept. 20th

We are pleased that Tommy Olmstead, a Democratic candidate for chair of the Bibb County Commission and Commissioner Dennis Dorsey, a Republican, have agreed to be our speakers for the September 20th General Meeting. They will be discussing issues that may be relevant to the outcome of the upcoming November 7th general election.

Please be present to hear these speakers and to support our League! First-time visitor will be guest of the League. We have not yet established a calling list, so please call Virginia Etheredge (935-3020) to make your luncheon reservation for Best Western-Riverside Inn at noon, Wednesday, September 20th, 2000. Membership paid by the 20th meeting will be eligible for door prizes! See you there!


by Frances Olson

$ $ $

The finance committee met in April with Frances Olson (chair),

Virginia Etheredge and Sandra Cox.

A list of contributors is as follows:

Nancy Anderson

Beds & Bedding

Board of Elections

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon A. Colbert

Elise Creswell

Dessau Realty & Insurance Co.

W.M. Dickey

Elliot Dunwoody, III

Virginia Etheredge

Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Etheridge

Joyce Happ

Carolyn Hargrove

Carol Heggoy

Sara Beth Hertwig

Dr. & Mrs. Lindsay Holliday

Bettye O. Hutchings

Hutchings Funeral Home

Dr. & Mrs. N. Tyrus Ivey

Richard C. Keil

Barbara Knight

Eleanor A. Lane

Barbara Littlefield

Macon Magazine

Angela Manson

Hazel McCuen

Buck Melton

Louise M. Morgan

Neurology Associates

Frances Olson

Betty Phillips

Dr. & Mrs. Avrom Roobin

Mrs. Wm. P. Simmons

Nancy Terrill

Dr. D.T. Walton, Jr.

Josephine Willingham

  * * *

If your name was not on this list,

please call Frances Olson at 477-3820.

May 2000

State League President

Will Speak May 17th On Campaign Finance Reform

Did you notice that this year's Georgia legislature went against the public's apparent desire for campaign finance reform and approved the increase of campaign contribution limits? And did you also read in our Georgia Voter (Spring 2000) about League's interest in the proposed Clean Elections Bill for Georgia, which is being prepared for introduction at next year's session?

You will hear about these issues and more from our speaker at Annual Meeting, Beth Nathan, president of League of Women Voters of Georgia. We are honored that our State LWV president will join us on Wednesday, May 17th, to speak about the status of "Campaign Finance Reform" on both the state and national levels. Beth is an extremely well-informed and interesting speaker.

Beth Nathan has been active for many years in both the Atlanta-Fulton and Georgia Leagues, holding leadership positions that focused on Women's Issues, Voter Service, Advocacy, Program, and CyberTech. Holder of a master's degree in experimental psychology from an Ivy League school, Beth is also known as a "computer whiz," and she owns a small business called Gazebo Software.

Please plan to be present on May 17th to welcome our state president, as well as to learn about this issue so vital to candidates free of indebtedness to big donors.

Call Sara Landry at 477-2279 for your luncheon reservations at noon at Best-Western Riverside Inn. Bring a guest or potential member!

April 2000

Susan Cable and Nikki Randall

To Do "Legislative Wrap-Up"

At General Meeting, April 19

We are pleased that the two women members of the Bibb County legislative delegation have agreed to be our speakers for the April 19th General Meeting. Democrat Nikki Randall (a "freshman" House member) and Republican Susan Cable (a "sophomore" Senator) will each present her perspective about the recently concluded 2000 legislative session. They will focus on the significance of specific bills that will now become laws.

We look forward to hearing the information and insights of these two local legislators, representing both parties and both chambers.

Leaguers, let's show our appreciation that these busy public servants are willing to work League of Women Voters into their schedules by coming to hear them! Please call Sara Landry now (477-2279) to make your luncheon reservation for Best Western-Riverside Inn at noon, Wednesday, April 19, 2000. (If you do not wish to eat, you may come at 12:30 for the speakers.) See you there!

In Grateful Memory

Anne Beach

Dec. 22, 1911 - Mar. 18, 2000

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

State League President

Will Speak at Annual Meeting

Mark your calendar for May 17th, when State League of Women Voters president, Beth Nathan, will speak to us on "Campaign Finance Reform" at our Annual Meeting!

March 2000

Walker Rivers Will Speak

About CAUTION Macon's View At LWV's March 15th Meeting

During the past year, yellow ribbons began appearing in trees along our neighborhood roads, and a new acronym grabbed the headlines in The Macon Telegraph: "CAUTION Macon." Readers soon learned that "CAUTION" stood for "Citizens Against Unnecessary Thoroughfares In Our Neighborhoods." And as controversy grew about where and how road improvement should proceed in Macon, this grass-roots citizens' group became vocal at meetings and in the media, asking that neighborhood views, as well as environmental and aesthetic factors, be taken seriously by planners and developers.

With this background in mind, our General Meeting on Wednesday, March 15th, will focus on the recent roads' improvement controversy in Macon, with Mr. Walker Rivers representing the viewpoint of CAUTION Macon. No specific speaker to represent the county's perspective has yet been named. A county representative has told us that they very much wish to express their views, but there are schedule conflicts on March 15th. We hope that these conflicts may be resolved before our meeting.

Please make your luncheon reservations for Wednesday, March 15, at noon at Best Western-Riverside Inn by calling Sara Landry at 477-2279.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

April 19th General Meeting:

Legislators Cable and Randall

Republican Susan Cable (Senate) and Democrat Nikki Randall (House) will be our speakers at the April 19th General Meeting, bringing us a "legislative wrap-up" from the State Capitol. Mark your calendars and be present!

Six Leaguers Attend

State Legislative Day

Thanks to Leaguers who represented Macon at the February 16th Legislative Day in Atlanta, hearing speakers give details at the Governor's Education Reform legislative and observing in the House.

Those attending were Mattie Manson, Marilyn Sheldon, Carolyn Hargrove, Sandra Cox, Carolyn Hamilton and Louise Morgan. Special thanks also to Ginger Peagler, AAUW of Macon president, who drove our group in her van!

February 2000

Asst. D.A. Thorpe and

Crisis Center's Geddis

Target Sexual Assault Issues

At February 23rd Meeting

The League of Women Voters February General Meeting features speakers Lamar Geddis, Executive Director, Crisis Center of Macon, and Chief Assistant District Attorney Graham Thorpe, Wednesday, February 23, 12:00 noon, at the Best Western-Riverside Inn.

The subject of the program will concern incidences of sexual assault in our community, its victims, and discussion about proposed legislation pending in the State House of Representatives (H.B. 1074) which would serve to rework Georgia's rape code by changing the definition of consent, creating a new category of aggravated sexual assault (with no mandatory minimum, which has made it difficult to convict), using gender-neutral definitions, and removing "force" from the definition.

This is an extremely important and complex topic for all women, and we hope to have a good turn out to hear about this vital issue.

Call Sara Landry at 477-2279 for noon luncheon reservations ($8.75) or if you do not wish to have lunch, come around 12:30 for the program.

January 2000

Where Are Georgia's Schools Headed?

Governor's Reform Commission Member,

Melvin Kruger, Gives Insider's View

The League of Women Voters of Macon begins 2000 right in step with the latest headlines, as we turn our attention to the education scene in Georgia at our January 19th General Meeting. We welcome as our speaker prominent Maconite Mr. Melvin Kruger, member of the Governor's Education Reform Commission, to update us on the changes that are ahead for Georgia's schools.

Recent newspaper articles have daily highlighted concerns about education, as newly elected Governor Roy Barnes presented his proposed budget, which earmarks $114 million in new money for changes in education. Many of these changes "were proposed by the governor's education-reform commission," according to The Macon Telegraph (January 12, 2000). One of the most controversial proposals centers on the creation of an Office of Education Accountability to establish standards and to "evaluate the data on the progress of students and schools."

We look forward to hearing Mr. Kruger's insights, as one who took part in the Commission's discussions and debates. Please call Sara Landry today at 477-2279 to make your reservation for lunch: Best Western-Riverside Inn at noon on Wednesday, January 19. Support your League by being present!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Change Your Calendar:

Feb. 23rd General Meeting   (Not Feb. 16th, As Scheduled)

Because the State LWV has set the annual Legislative Day at the state capitol for the third Wednesday, Feb. 16, Macon League is re-scheduling its General Meeting date to the fourth Wednesday, Feb. 23. (The meeting will still be at noon at Best Western.) This change will enable Macon Leaguers to attend Legislative Day, which is always a valuable experience.

Please mark your calendar for this change and be present on Feb. 23rd to hear an informative program planned by past-president Barbara Littlefield on "Proposed Legislative Changes to Georgia's Sexual Assault Laws." This program will relate to H.B. 1074 and will feature speakers from the District Attorney's office and from the Rape Crisis Center. (Look for more information in the February Voter.)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Time to Think About Program

by Laura Bateman

To the League, program is the positions we take after study. Our lunch programs are planned from program. The only time program can be changed is at the Annual Meeting, and the board must approve before the membership can vote. In other words, if you have any ideas for program, it is time to speak up.

We now have a position supporting the merger of city and county government in general, but not specifically supporting the charter that the Unification Commission has put forth. Is there any interest in a study of the actual document?

On the national level, Leagues are suggesting we study the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, and the country's war on drugs (from a League in New Mexico).

If you have any ideas, please let me or Mattie Manson know.


Macon Leaguers to attend Legislative Day at the State Capitol!

Wednesday, Feb. 16. Call Laura Bateman (474-7977) or Mattie Manson (742-4813)

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