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Impact fee opposition self-serving

Editors: After reading Sunday's letters page, I decided to add Bob Cleveland to my prayer list. Most adults learned way back in grammar school that name calling is childish and unproductive. It is sad that the Macon Homebuilders Association can't find a more sophisticated spokesperson than Cleveland for its president.

I am sure that because Cleveland supports unchecked development he also will support the levying of impact fees on the developers who are responsible for this sprawl. Impact fees are standard practice in other communities.

When sprawl happens, developers personally profit while the burden of paying for the huge cost of infrastructure (schools, sewer lines, roads, etc.) necessary to support such development is shifted to the taxpayers.

Smart growth is desirable, but we have not seen the kind of planning which fosters such growth in Macon.

Undesirable sprawl and spot-zoning are by-products of the Macon-Bibb Road Improvement Program promoted by Cleveland. He is, in effect, asking citizens and their tax dollars to subsidize developers.

Long ago, when I took civics, I learned that not only was it my right to participate in our democracy, it was my responsibility. As a member of CAUTION Macon and a concerned taxpayer, I fully intend to uphold my responsibilities as a citizen. Public process works best when the public is knowledgeable and involved.

Susan Hanberry

A wake-up call for all parents

Editors: My little girl came home from school. A mother's little girl in Flint, Mich., did not. She was 6 years old and a first-grader. She was shot to death by another 6-year-old at school.

Do the words above seem real? No, this is not America, this is not the country I grew up in and went to school with no fear in the '60s.

It has been 15 years since prayer was taken out of public schools because of atheist Madeleine Murray O'Hare.

Being of the Baptist faith, I make every effort to protect my child from unsuitable TV shows and movies and from magazines with pictures that she does not need to view. I also make an effort to live the best example I can in front of her, and yes, we do attend church and watch inspirational TV programs.

But today it became a little harder to be a parent. Another child's life is cut short because somewhere along the way we as adults have put our children into harm's way.

I challenge all parents to rededicate their lives to be what the Bible teaches we should be. This is a full-time and difficult job, guiding and protecting our children. But what could be more precious?

Do you know where your children are right now? Do you have any guns in your home that are not locked up? Are you sure they do not know how to find the key to the lock?

A friend of mine in Florida had his gun locked up. His grandson found the key and slipped the loaded gun to school. Florida ruled that if his grandson ever gets in any more trouble, the grandfather will be imprisoned. He is a retired officer of the law. He thought he taught his family not to take guns lightly.

I pray more parents will wake up and take responsibility for our children, who are our tomorrow.

Nell B. Kimler

Recognition for Bears appreciated

Editors: It was nice to see the article in Thursday's Telegraph featuring the Macon Bears. These kids get far too little credit for their efforts. I am sure they all got a thrill seeing their pictures in the paper.

Keep up the good work, Lisa Loeffler.

Marie G. Blount

Bibb schools mark 'Music Month'

Editors: The Music Educators National Conference has designated March as "Music In Our Schools Month." This year's theme is "Make Music America!"

The Music Department of the Bibb County Board of Education will be participating in this observance and would like to remind everyone of the positive influence music has in our lives. We will focus on songs representing America's diversity, songs which show off various styles of American music-making and songs which reflect our pride in being Americans wherever we may live in the world.

Music has been an authorized subject of instruction since 1838. In March 1994, the National Standards for Arts Education were released. Instruction in the arts is essential to the education of every child.

Music teachers throughout Bibb County will celebrate this 25th national observance of music in our nation's schools with music festivals, music displays in our schools and at the Bibb County Board of Education, school programs, participation in the World's Largest Concert on March 9 at 1 p.m. and the 2000 Cherry Blossom Children's Concert at 7 p.m. on March 21 at the City Auditorium.

All citizens are encouraged to call the Bibb County Music Department or watch Bibb public schools TV Channel 17 for information regarding MIOSM events.

Carolyn Guy
Music In Our Schools Month Committee

Doris Terry
Director of Music, Bibb County Schools

Comics victims of political correctness

Editors: As a white American of German descent, I was appalled when your butchery of the comics page swept "Prince Valiant" into oblivion. Even so, the member of such a decadent and discredited "ice" culture should probably have expected no better treatment from the politically correct media of the "New South."

Last week, however, you clearly crossed my Rubicon. "The Boondocks" is the best "comic" strip you have ever carried. What's the problem? Did you notice that McGruder's social and political concerns are multidimensional? Is there some holy writ saying that all the "villains of the piece" must be white? Is it a vile transgression to call "President" Clinton what he actually is?

Get a grip and bring "The Boondocks" back! If necessary, put it on the editorial page. It would be a welcome counterpoise to the blandness of "Doonesbury."

Gary W. Blome

At least Braves don't have Strawberry

Editors: Maybe the Braves could trade John Rocker for the Yankees' Darryl Strawberry, a real role model for all kids and a full-time hall of shamer.

Max Sheffield


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