A M E R I C A N   D E N T A L   A S S O C I A T I O N

Georgia Dental Association

Central  District  Dental Society

Central District Dental Society Dentists  Fueling-up for an evening of Continuing Education

RAFB  2-18-99

Dr. Brian Mealey spoke on "Systemic Health and Periodontal Disease"; here with the Base Dental Commander, Col. Marie Williams  Nancy O'Brien CDDS President 1998-99
WRAFB Officers  Nancy

Involvement in the Betterment of the Dental Profession:

An Executive Committee Meeting

Dr. William Argo - CDDS Pres. 1997-98

Exec Com Meeting Bill Argo

Central District Dental Society Dentists (l-r) Lindsay Holliday, Jonathan Griggs, Clay Lisemby visited several elementary schools and provided screenings, education and entertainment.


Teamwork and Cooperation:

Continuing Education at Warner Robins AFB

  Political Action  and Leadership

CDDS Scrap-Book - to be continued later