The process of education is a journey from "cock-sure ignorance" to a state of "reasoned uncertainty". - President James B. Conant of Harvard University

If I have seen further than most, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.   - Sir Isaac Newton

Lindsay Holliday 9-29-00

The Education Platform of Lindsay Holliday


"I learned everything I ever needed to know in Kindergarten "

- Robert Fulghum, Unitarian-Universalist Minister and Author.

My Parents placed a very high value on education.

They initiated, supported and assisted the following "tag-team" of dedicated mentors:  

Mrs. Delacroix's Kindergarten,  Ridge Avenue,  Macon,  GA 1960-61

Bibb County Public Schools - Alexander IV   grades 1-3, Ridge Avenue Macon,  GA

1- Mrs Robinson, 2- Mrs Arrington, 3- Mrs Johnson.  Principal's office - Mr Cable.

Rosa Taylor Elementary  Crestline Drive, Macon   grades 4-7. Principal's office - Ms. "Drill Sargent" Mabel Mullenix.  

4- Ms Sumner/Starr, 5- Mrs Hicks, 6- Mrs. Berg,  7- Miss Edna Steger, Mr Galloway, Ms Norma Williamson.  

Lanier Junior High  - 8th and 1/2 of 9th .  Known now as Miller Middle School.   Mr Joe Magnan...

Honored as 1 of 10 - Lanier Jr - "Superlatives" in the yearbook Fishbowl, 1970 page 36

Stratford Academy - Bond Street, Macon [class of 1973]

1/2 of 9th , 10th, 11th, skipped senior year for college.  Some of my teachers - Mrs Faye Holliday - English Composition,  Mrs. Roberta James - Biology,  Mrs. Mary Harper - Advanced Chemistry,  Mr. Fields - Geometry and Advanced Algebra,  Mr William Coursey and Mrs Lynette Sessions - Literature,   I am pictured [with considerable accuracy] in their annual - Overlook, 1972 as a hippie-dissident on page 215, 59 and 55.  

Oxford College of Emory University  - Oxford, GA - 5 straight quarters - Fall of '72 through Fall of '73.  Philosophy with Dr.s Kent Linville and Norimoto Iino.  Calculus with Weigand and Tredway.  Art with Joe Guillebeau.  Physics with Dan Moore.  Transactional Encounters with Ted Davis. Coaches Burnett, Chandler and Dr. Judy Greer - Physical Education.  Visit Reunion '04.

University of Georgia - Winter, Spring and Fall of  1974.  Chatteau Apartments, Oglethorpe House, Sussex Apartments.   "O-House" was the best for living accomodations - convenient.  I found the size of UGA to be too large.  

Mercer University  - Coleman Avenue, Macon, GA.  [ BA., cum laude, 1977- Summer] Major in Art under Marshall Daugherty, Tony Stansfield, Sam Hutto, Roger Jaimeson.  Organic Chemistry - Dr. Bob Hargrove, Mr. James.  Music Theory - Ian Altman.   Married Marie MacKay of Atlanta on October 29, 1977.

Macon Technical Institute 1978? Advanced Electronic Technology.  Then worked as apprentice under Master Electrician - Jimmy Cannon, campus electrician for Mercer University until leaving for Dental School in the Fall of 1979.   Played electronic keyboards on nights and weekends with several "rock-bands" including - Daybreak, Marcia Shipply and Rain, and Donnie Helms.  

Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry  [ DMD, 1983 ]  I served as the class Treasurer and as the Associate Editor of the MCG yearbook - Aesculapian, 1983.  

Continuing Education:  see record of recent Dental CE.  

Macon State College (enrichment courses) - Begining Guitar with Ed Vance.  Television Production with Bart Campione of COX Cable.  Computer MIDI Music with _____-.  Theatre Production (volunteer composer) "Keely and Du" and "Angels in America" with Sidney Chalfa.  School of Dental Hygiene - volunteer instructor/tester.  

Music:  Herbert Herrington - Choir at St Paul's Episcopal Church 1963-69, and concurrently, solo piano;  Howard Ingley - piano 1 summer, Louise Barfield - piano 1 year circa 1976.  

Junior Cotillion and Ballroom Dancing - Henry Muecke - 3 years.  Assistant teaching also for 3 years.

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