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Founded 1920               Kiwanis (District) office 912 474-6169

Our Club meets each Tuesday for lunch at 12:00 P.M. in Room 306 of the Macon Centreplex at the Martin Luther King exit off of I-16 near Downtown Macon, GA.  The program begins at 12:40

Visiting Kiwanians are welcome and reservations are required because we often meet in other rooms at the Coliseum or at the Macon Auditorium. For information, contact:

President: Penny Windham

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Kiwanis Club Scolarships

High School - Scolarships


The Kiwanis Club of Macon awarded schoolarships of  $3.500 each to Central High School graduates Kathleen G Head and Adam D Dukes.  Awards were based to a large extent on community service.

 From left are Joe Jones, chairman of the Kiwanis Schoolarship Fund;  Head,   Dukes,   and Kiwanis Club President Penny Windham.  Also attending were Central Principal Pam Wacter and Key Club advisors Dale Watts and Amy Fouse.  - Macon Telegraph, Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Two Hixon Awards!

Reginald Trice, president emeritus of the Kiwanis Club of Macon, was presented a George F Hixon Fellowship award by club members at the club's annual meeting.  Trice began his service to the Kiwanis Club almost 74 years ago at the age of 19.  

Penny Windhan, the club's first female president in its 81 year history, also received a Hixon award.

- - from the Macon Telegraph - Sunday, August 5, 2001 p7B

Hixon Awards to R Trice and Penny Windham

L to R:  Steve Simpson,  Reginald Trice,  Penny Windham,  Richard Domingos

King of the road - By Ed Grisamore  - The Macon Telegraph  - Wed. May 2, 2001 p1B

Tuesday wasn't his first honor, nor will it likely be his last.

Trice said he has been blessed.

"I drink from my saucer," he said, "because my cup runneth over."

His out-of-town friends often call him when they drive through Macon and ride past the familiar sign along the interstate.

"I'm on the Reginald Trice Parkway," they boast above the cackle of their cell phones.

You can be assured he is grinning on the other end of the line.

He admits he was surprised --- and practically speechless --- seven years ago when that 10-mile stretch of I-75 from the Monroe County line to its junction at I-16 was named in his honor.

Had it not been for Trice, that ribbon of concrete would have bypassed us to the west more than a generation ago, dropping in a free fall from Forsyth due south to Perry.

In his eight years as chairman of what was then known as the Georgia State Highway Board, Trice used political clout and skillful diplomacy to bring those exit ramps and green signs through Macon.

Our cars, trucks, gas stations, motels and restaurants can thank him for that. Clearly, it has affected the life everyone in this county.

Not to mention the 36,000 travelers who roam the Reginald Trice Parkway every day --- even if they have no idea who Reginald Trice is.

He turned 94 years young on the final day of February. But he's not so old that life doesn't keep throwing in a few surprises, just like in 1994 when they named all that asphalt after him.

Take Tuesday, for example. He arrived for lunch in Room 306 at the Macon Coliseum, expecting to present a distinguished Hixon Award to Penny Windham, the president of the Kiwanis Club of Macon.

Windham was elected as the club's first female president last October. The Hixon Fellowship is one of Kiwanis International's highest honors. It carries a $1,000 donation made to the Kiwanis International Foundation.

Through the supreme sneakiness of former President Steve Simpson, Windham thought she was presenting Trice with the award, and Trice thought he was presenting Windham with the award.

So it turned out that two deserving folks --- the president and president emeritus --- were both honored.

Trice's recognition came almost 74 years to the day he became a member of the Kiwanis Club in his hometown of Thomaston. The date was May 3, 1927, two weeks before Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight across the Atlantic.

He worked as a bookkeeper for a cotton mill before going into the oil business, which brought him to Macon in 1930. Before he left home his mother, Pearla Harp Trice, gave him a Bible on his birthday. Proverbs 3:1-4 was written in the front, reminding him always to keep God's commandments in his heart.

The man who delivered us the interstate for our ride home every day still drives himself around town. One day each week, he steers his Mercedes station wagon to the old family farm four miles east of Thomaston. He continues to keep up with transportation issues, too.

x http://www.macontelegraph.com/content/macon/2001/05/02/local/GRISCOL_0502_WEDNESDAYHOM.htm

Ed Grisamore's column appears Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. He can be reached at 744-4275 or egrisamore@macontel.com .


     The Kiwanis Club of Macon presented the Hamilton Holt Kiwanis Scholarship i the amount of $4000 to Miss Monique Gupta during ceremonies at a regular meeting on July 25, 2000 by Kiwanis Club Designate Penny Windham.   The scholarship was awarded to Miss Gupta for her achievements during her high school years in scholarship, leadership in school activities, and her many hours spent in volunteer and civic activities.

     The presentation of the award was witnessed by her father, mother, and younger brother, Joseph H Jones, Chairman of the Fund Trustees, and Mrs. Bebe Cook, the granddaughter of Dr. William Jacob Little, a Charter member of the Club, who is considered the father of the Fund which was started in 1924.  

The Drs. Gupta and their two children

Jones, Miss Gupta, Cook, Windham




Penny Windham


Steve Simpson - 1999

Bob Fleish - 1998


Sam McDuffie


Jim David


Jim Tessmer


Andy Howorth


Dr. David Cozart

President Emeritus

Reginald Trice



Class of 2001

 Jesse Griggers

Jeff Greene

Annette Pellerin

Class of 2002

John Blanks

Joe Jones

Robert Reichert

class of 2003

Patti Jones

Mikey Pope

Syl Thuente

Director Emeritus

Frank Craven

Richard Domingos

Lt. Govenor

Jim Tessmer


Club Mtgs/Adm...Steve Simpson

Membership... Charlie Cloaninger

                 ....Joe Reeves

Youth Services... Annette Pellerin

Priority One.. Jeanna Fennel

                ....Jim David

Community Service .. Jim Barnes

                 .......Sam McDuffie

Ad Hoc Committees:

Hamilton Holt Board....

               ...Joe Jones

Circle K  - David Cozart

        ...Patti Jones

Key Club ... Jack Head

Club Directory .. Linda and

           .....  David Cozart

Interclub .. Frank Craven

Onion Sales .. Hap Aldrich,

                  ..Penny Windham


Human and Spiritual Values ..

         ... Syl Thuente

Sponsored Programs . David Cozart

               .... Mark Watson

Finance, Fundsr  .. Sam McDuffie

Public Relations .. Jim Tessmer

         ...Andy Howorth

Travelogue  .. Byron Price

                   ....Joe Jones

Talent Showcase ..Jamie Gibson

Special Appointments

Advisor to the pres. ..Richard Domingos

Historian .. Frank Craven

Sgt at Arms  .. Sherriff Richard Thornton

    ... Robert Reichert , Deputy

Reginald Trice recieves award

Reginald Trice  - recieves another award - !!!

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