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Important Dates:

Friday-Sunday, April 14-16, 2000..............Spring Joint Meeting, St. Simons Island Dr. Jeffrey Okeson, University of Kentucky College of Dentistry "Occlusion"

Wednesday April 19 6:30pm ............. Hygiene Mixer - White Columns Restaurant

Friday, June 16, 2000 ..............Planning Session at Paul Fraysure's

Thursday-Sunday, July 27-30, 2000...........GDA Annual Meeting Amelia Island, FL

CDDS newsletter March 2000 [2000#2]



Remember, our next scheduled meeting of the Central District Dental Society will be the Joint Spring Meeting with the Eastern and Southeastern District Dental Societies.


St. Simons Island

Friday Sunday, April 14-15-16, 2000



University of Kentucky College of Dentistry



- Come and hear an internationally acclaimed clinician

- Play in the golf tournaments on Friday and Saturday afternoons

- Enjoy fine-dining and dance to the music of “The Sixty Minute Men”

- Soak up the sun while having fun on the sand and in the surf

For further information contact:

Dr. Brian P. Hall 1010 Prince Avenue Athens, GA 30606

(706) 549-8737

CALL (912) 638-3631 for Room Reservations at the King & Prince



By the time you get this newsletter the legislative session in Atlanta will be over, and dentistry will have had another good year. All the hard work done through receptions, personal contacts and LAW Day really do pay off-- THANK YOU ! By the way, if you have never participated in the LAW Day program, try it. This was my first experience, and it was great.

Spring is here, and that means it is time for our meeting at St. Simons. The districts have put alot of planning into this meeting for you and your family. You will have the opportunity to get some quality CE with Dr. Jeffery Okeson from the University of Kentucky. This is an excellent way for you and your family to enjoy a long weekend. I hope to see you there.

We have our Hygiene Mixer with MSC hygiene students on April 19th. Dr. Sheila Shah will have more information in this newsletter. Please make plans to attend. Dr. Paul Fraysure will have this year's District Planning session in June, and he will have more to follow about this important meeting.

Finally, congratulations to Dr. Kendrick Mathews on his election as District Vice President in

February, and all others who hold leadership positions.

Sincerely, Jay


Do you have an email address? Did you receive this newsletter by email more than a week ago? Please get your email address to CDDS editor - Lindsay Holliday. Send it to teeth@mindspring.com - : )


[ Jan, Please include in the newsletter a reminder card or plain-weight paper bookmarks for the 1- Joint Meeting, 2- Planning Session, and 3- hygiene mixer that can be pulled out and placed in the appointment book. No RSVP needed. No fee. ]

Hygiene Mixer is April 19 6:30pm at the White Columns Restaurant

in the Best Western Riverside (near the Texas Cattle Company).

This is a date change from what was published previously, in case some people have already marked their calendars.


Patient Protection Bill

report by Ty Ivey

I just returned from the Grassroots Conference of the ADA in Wash, DC on Mar, 19-22. At the meeting representing Grassroots Leaders from across the country, we learned that The Patient Protection Bill sponsored by our own Charlie Norwood is far from a done or doable deal. Everyone has an opinion, but no one knows what will happen to the bill in the Senate. If the Senate passes a bill that the house finds unacceptable there will be a political fight, if the Senate doesn't pass a bill there will be a political fight. If a bill passes because of Republican votes that is unacceptable to the President, there may be a veto and there will be a political fight. The Bill is far from accomplished despite the efforts of Charlie. We must continue to remind our patients that they are in

danger of loosing the chance to choose their health provider. Hillary Clinton is still very active in the health care arena despite the lack of press regarding this subject. The Surgeon General spoke to the Grassroots Conference immediately after leaving the White House where he was in a meeting chaired by the First Lady. New Yorkers (and the rest of us) need to beware. Check voting records when you vote in the fall.


Executive Committee Minutes

Date: February 15, 2000

Place: Dr. Ty Ivey's Office

Attending: Jay Harrington, Craig McCroba, Bill Argo, Don Spillers, Ty Ivey,  Nancy O'Brien, Thomas Griffin, Paul Fraysure, Shirley Fisher, Bob Vedder, Bobby Hurt, Pat Patterson, Kathy Powers, Don Benton.

Dr. Harrington called the meeting to order.

Dr. Fraysure led general discussion on increasing meeting attendance.

Dr. Harrington gave update on membership enrollment. As of Jan 31 CDDS had

201 on the roll with 4 or 5 others to be added.

Dr. Argo reported on the Legislative Reception. We had 10 Legislators

attend and 46 dentists. He thanked all who attended and felt it was a

successful event.

Dr. Argo announced there were 17 CDDS dentists signed up for Law Day. He

also stated that 8 CDDS dentists attended the NDDS legislative reception.

Dr. Vedder informed membership that the Nominating Committee had placed into

nomination Dr. Kendrick Matthews for CDDS Vice-President and for GDA

alternate delegate Dr. Jay Harrington.

Dr. Fraysure reported on the GDA Executive Committee meeting. It was

recommended that the new CDT-3 codes not be used till further notice. A new

composition was created for the 5th District that being Georgia, Mississippi

and Alabama. Florida will be a new district by itself.

Dr. Fraysure announced that Jim Hall has been elected as an ADA at large

delegate by the GDA.

Dr. Fisher informed members of a survey to go out inquiring what dentists

are doing for Children's Dental Health month.

Dr. Ivey reported on the ground work being laid for the campaign for Howard

Jones for President-Elect of the ADA.

Dr. Harrington congratulated Drs. Fraysure and Holliday for their efforts

organizing the spouse social at the GA Music Hall of Fame.

Dr. Harrington read a letter from Macon State College Hygiene school

thanking us for hygiene scholarships.

Dr. Harrington stated Dr. Ty Ivey was given an outstanding review as a ADA

delegate by the review panel.

Dr. Fisher announced that Middle GA Tech. Hygiene school is operational. The

school currently has 7 students. The director is Dr. David Reff,D.D.S.

retired. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted.

W. Craig McCroba


Jack Davis celebrated with his wife their 50th wedding anniversary on 1/28/00

School-Linked Public Health Portable Dental Clinic

online with pics at http://www.hollidaydental.com/cdds/pubdent.htm

The Department of Human Resources school-linked prevention oriented oral health program provides oral health education, screenings, oral comprehensive exams, cleaning and sealants to schoolchildren. The dentist sets up a portable dental delivery system inside the elementary school. After the students are evaluated, a report of the findings is sent to the child’s parents. Students are taught proper oral hygiene and the dangers of spit tobacco use. Selected students are provided sealants on their permanent molar teeth.

Elementary schools are selected that have high numbers of children in the Free and Reduced Fee Lunch Meal Program. Dr. Thomas Duval, District Dental Director, and Jane Brown, District Hygienist, provided oral health education and sealant services to the second grade students at Hunt Primary School in Fort Valley, Georgia during the month of February. Dr Duval and Jane Brown also presented oral health education as a part of the kindergarten teacher’s activities for Children’s Dental Health Month.

The goals of the District Oral Health Program are to provide oral health education, treatment referrals and sealant services to school children that are least likely to have a private dentist and most likely to be at risk for poor oral health.


Your Old Dental Equipment is Needed

Dentaid is working to provide equipment, training and resources to dentists, hospitals and community dental programmes in the Developing World and Eastern Europe where tooth decay is rife, abscesses can cause death and DIY extractions are commonplace. Dentaid is a registered Charity (No: 1058519) with headquarters in the UK. Dentaid USA is currently being established in Atlanta. Contact their executive director - Christopher Messer at POBox 81884 Atlanta, GA 30366. (404) 932.7391 or email cmesser@dentaid.org - website www.dentaid.org .

Hygiene Job Market

Macon State College reports that there are unemployed hygienists in middle GA. If you currently are in need of a hygienist, please contact Charlene Goodwin or Susan Bailey at Macon State College.

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For the



Friday, June 16, 2000


1:30 p.m.

at the home of


106 Plantation Circle

The Heather on Houston Lake

at Houston Lake Country Club


All officers, committee chairs, delegates, and alternate delegates should plan to attend this meeting. However, this meeting is open to the general membership, and anyone interested in attending is more than welcome.

Please contact Paul’s office (912/922-4922) if you plan to attend and/or need directions or have any questions.

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