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The Music of  Lindsay D. Holliday

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My  main "Midi Guru" for years has been my friend Steve Allen  

Lindsay's first theatre assignement was for the play by SALLY GIRAY -- "ON FROM CADIZ"

world premeire - October 23-31 & November 4-7, 1992 at Theatre Macon

"New-age, dreamlike, flashbacks to the life of Christopher Columbus.  Was he a great explorer and a man of integrity, or unethical and incompetent?"

Cassette design for "On From Cadiz" 1992

- music by Lindsay Holliday -



1- Whistle Pipe to the Deep

2a- Lament Christobal

b- Pining Siren

3a- Sailing

b- Four Long Swells


º ON FROM CADIZ Lindsay D. Holliday º


Recorded at Muscadine Studio on

Columbus day - October 12, 1992

 on  the 500th anniversary of the "Discovery of Americca"


º ON FROM CADIZ and other works º

º by Lindsay D. Holliday º


º Side B:

º 1-Brown's Mount Pow Wow


º 2-Three sketches for Solo Piano:

º a- Synthesis in C

º b- Themes from a Stream of C

º c- Fanfare for

º a Classical Redneck

Lindsay D. Holliday

Side B: Brown's Mount Pow Wow

and three sketches for Solo Piano


Dracula at Theatre Macon
February 13-21, 1998

a play by Steven Dietz

directed by Jim Crisp

artwork by Craig Hamilton

"music is eerily seductive"

- the Macon Telegraph

artwork by Craig Hamilton

Music Theory

A few small aspects and illustrations there of

Lindsay Holliday from self portrait 1977







Self Portrait from Mercer U. 1977 H








The sun, spectra and quanta

Our sun provides the energy for virtually all of our sounds and colours and lights.


Circles of colors, bands of spectra

The Color Wheel and the Musical Octave both invovle a doubling of

either frequency or of wavelength.  Depending on one's perspective.

Clock face and Octave are divided into 12 steps

for similar mathematical reasons.

12th root of two, and the convenience and necessity for multiple divisors.


1- The Voyage Out 2:47

2- Officers Go Shooting 1:17

3- Merits of the Theatre 1:08

4- Rowing on Botany Bay 1:14

5- "She hanged herself..." and

at Duckling's Vows 3:25

6- Rehearsals end in Disaster 0:51

7- "Madame.. your fan..." 0:58

8- Ending Triumph 2:46

-miscellaneous works-

9- Brown's Mount Pow Wow 3:45

10- piano - Synthesis in C 5:15

11- piano - Triple Time 4:40

12- piano - Redneck Fanfare 3:50


13- Whistle Pipe to the Deep 2:15

14- Lament Christobal 2:30

15- Pining Siren 2:27

16- Sailing 2:40

17- Four Long Swells 2:10

( see overleaf for side A )

Steve Montgomery   1604 Johnson Road   Norristown, PA 19401   May 31, 1993

Dear Steve,

I understand thru mutual* friends that you may have use for incidental music in your theater.

*- [ Myself - Amy Oedel - Jill Shannon - - Ann and Ed Rutter - you - a tenuous but friendly connection]

Enclosed with this letter is an audio cassette tape of most of the music I wrote for the Theatre Macon production of the play "Our Country's Good".

Included on this tape:

1- Overture - "The Voyage Out" (see stage notes below)

- also, Act Two began with the first half of the Overture - fading out before the bagpipes and drums.

2- Military Bagpipes and March. - The officers dress on stage for

a Shooting. I.3 Punishment.

3- Chamber Harpsichord - I.6 The Authorities [dress and] Discuss the Merits of The Theatre

4- Flute and Guitar -

5- Choir and Guitar - played from end of Act1-S3 "she hanged herself.." to I.4 "The Loneliness of Men"


played when Harry dies "I hate you"-II.7

Not yet included on this tape:

6- The wailing dirges - used to end I.11 - The First Rehersal,

and II.4 - The Second Rehersal

7- Upbeat Flute with Harpsichord - used at end of II.1 - Visiting

Hours - "Madame, I have brought you your fan"...

8- End of the Play - Fife and drum/1812 Overture/Beethoven5

I plan to mail you these others ( 6,7,8 ) within a few days.

I'm experiencing some tech. problems with a new program in my computer. Tho, actually it is my brain which has not gotten on top of the "learning curve" here.

Steve, I am happy to share my music with you at no charge. I would appreciate a copy of your program and any reviews you and the Rutters might send to me. Hope you all have as good a time with this as we did here.

A friend of the theater,

Lindsay D. Holliday

3091 Ridge Avenue

Macon, GA 31204

H- (912) 742-8699

W- 746-5695

copy to Ann and Ed Rutter

19 Colonial Drive

Terkiomenville, PA 18074


PS. How the Overture was used in Macon:

"THE VOYAGE OUT" - title announced by Arscott. pause. The Overture begins with the sounds of shore birds and ocean waves...

Players drift out upon the stage in Character while plays the maritime theme,

- the sound of waves cover the transition to Military drums and Bagpipes. - A five note bagpipe flourish precedes each of the last 6 whip-lashes "45....50"

The bagpipe deteriorates into a moan as Mr Sideway is kicked down.

Sea Birds "Caw" for carrion, Dissonant, trembling strings darken the stage for Wisehammer's - "At night the waves..."

music copyrighted by Lindsay Holliday 4-93.

PS For the Aborigine we played an authentic australian recording.  Amy Oedel found it thru another friend of hers. Amy is very special, and I guarantee that "No one will ever be as good a Melinda.." as she was in our production.

sailing sailing over the sea

sailing off into history

sailors fortune or misery

plays on thru the years...

shore birds slow strings slow strings

side A


1- The Doohs - sketches 3:50

2- Lights on the Ceiling :56

3- Jazz Groove - the Looney Bin 1:27

4- Intermission 2:35

5- Electric Organ Doohs 1:46

6- Disney World 2:00

7- Lost Children's Hut 2:59

8- Ending Star Wish 1:30

Marvin's Room by Lindsay Holliday

-miscellaneous works-

a piano run

9- version A

10- version B

11- Echo version

12- Marvin's Breath and

Grandfather Time -

a meditation 17:40

* * * * *


Marvin's Room by Scott McPherson

Theatre Macon production Sept. 10-18, 1993

Incidental Music and Poster Art:

Lindsay Dozier Holliday, DMD, born and raised in Macon, has practiced Dentistry with his Dad, "Painless Pete," for ten years. About the poster he half jokes, "I'm relieved to have finally produced a crayon drawing to answer my former classmates, who sometimes ask 'What have you been doing with your Art Major?'" (Mercer '77). Lindsay and Marie have a seven year-old daughter, Fairchild.

Lindsay has also written music for two other Theatre Macon productions: On From Cadiz, and Our Country's Good. An audio cassette of all 3 of his theatrical compositions is available at our ticket desk. All profits will go towards our new building. "I dedicate this music to the benefit of the Creative Spirit at Theatre Macon, and in gratitude to the Teachers and to the Audiophiles who have made my music possible."

The Three Musketeers

-Theatre Macon-

March29-April6, 1996

1- Overture 1:52

2- D'Artagnan leaves Gascony 1:21

3- On a horse, on a mission 2:16

4- King Louis XIII 2:49

5- Duke of Buckingham 2:28

6- Cardinal Richeleiu 4:15?

7- Abduction of Constance :32

8- Royale Promenade 5:00

9- Quest for Love 1:47

10- Search for Constance

11- Pursuit of Milady 1:50

12- Fini 2:14

13- Love Theme - reprise

all music @ Lindsay Holliday

Approaching Zanzibar - by Tina Howe     played Theatre Macon Feb 10-26 1995

music by Lindsay Holliday

cassette design by Lindsay Holliday

cassette design by Lindsay Holliday

Side One

Side Two

1- Overture - Zanzibar Express

        (the Road to Livvie) 4:09

2- Pony is Out 1:53

3- Distant Voices in the Wood 3:59

4- from Wally's Atlantic Suite 2:12

5- Fletcher's Vision 4:56

6- You Dont Leave two kids Alone at Night in the Smoky Mountains 1:28

7- Turner's Guitar 2:28

8- Into The Starfield 1:19 Hold on Tight

9- Dont Leave Me - Goin Home to Livvie

10- The Island of Cloves 3:14

1- Open Your Heart * 3:21 for

      Mid GA United Way Campaign 95

2-Forever Friends * 3:27

3-Pony's Lullaby 3:37

4-Fanciful Canary - 1:30  Shades of Oz and Toto too

5-Atlantic Suite -  String Version 2:12

6-Open Your Heart adagio 2:01

7- Paradise - Zanzibar - Distant Voices reprise 5:01

*vocals by Moira Glennon  - Betsy Bell sang "United Way"  Music by Lindsay Holliday

13- United Way 3:21

14- Forever Friends 3:27

for Steel Magnolias

file sources  below are   486d\cciw3  11-22-93

A Child's Christmas in Wales

all songs by Justin Golding and Lindsay Holliday except * arranged by Holliday

Act 1

1 - Moonlight and Snowfall* 1:40

2 - Quiet Town 2:10

3 - Cwmdounkin Park 1:50

4 - Try to Tell 2:48

5 - What a Meal 2:12


7 - Christmas Toys 1:58

8- What Child, House* - solo 3:56

9 - Deck the Halls (tradit.) 1:40

10 - Quiet Town - the waltz 3:30

11 - Green Sleeves* - ensemble 5:13

12 - Lullaby/Silent Night* 3:00


1*- Moonlight and Snowfall... (repeat thru out)

Snow falling in to the sea...

Snow drifting over the land...

Sweet dreams are coming to me...

13-Courtney's New Violin

14-Enter the Muse

Instrumental Arrangement and Performance

by Lindsay D. Holliday, DMD.

Lindsay is a general dentist; born, raised and living in Macon. He is married to Marie and they have a daughter, Faira. His hobby is researching the theories behind "Easy Listening" and "Elevator" music.  "I am grateful for the opportunity and the inspiration of Justin's play and for the melody of his poetry. I also want to thank our Gaelic Ancestry whose musical traditions are mirrored in my work here."


Brahm's / Silent Night Lullaby

Lullaby and Goodnight

Go to Sleep now My Darling

Lullaby and Goodnight

Sleep until the Morning Light

Silent Night, Holy Night

All is calm, all is bright

Round young virgin, Mother and child

Holy infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace. Sleep in heavenly peace

There Was a House /Greensleeves /What Child

Where I was born

So many Years ago

One Day I Left my Parent's Home

and Closed my Childhood's door


Nutured in my arms

Now Growing, Playing with Friends ?

I Watch Their Days of Childhood Ways -

of Innocence and Joy

This then is our hope for love

on the longest night of the Darkest Day

When our age has come and gone

the children will carry on.

Born a child of hope and love

to carry on, to carry on

Children born across this World

Must learn to live together


Children Born aCross this World

Will Learn to Live toGether

MoonLight and SnowFall....

Snow falling into the Sea...

Snow drifting over the trees...

White Moonlight icing the eaves...

Sweet dreams are coming to me...


Quiet Town of many dreams

Christmas sounds, Children's glee

Wandering through the magic of winter;

Loved ones near it's Christmas time again.

Snowball fights of merry boys

Happy voices, snowman smiles

Churchbells ring their tidings to the land:

Christ was born to us this very day.

Wonderous smells of Christmas food

Mother close, Father home;

Family comes to gather once a year,

Song and laughter, merriment for all.

Quiet Town of many dreams

Christmas sounds, Children's glee

Churchbells ring their tidings to the land:

Christ was born to us this very day.


I am the sheriff of Cwmdonkin Park

and I say to you boys one and all -

Keep out! Keep out! or I'll box your ears,

I'll slap you so hard

you'll be flying through the trees

I am the sheriff of Cwmdonkin Park

Keep out! Keep out! Keep out!

For if you don't I'll have to say -

I'll be ready with my big fat cane...

So Keep Out, Keep Out or I'll wip your hides,

I'll wip you so hard you'll be crying till Spring.

I am the sheriff of Cwmdonkin Park

Keep out! Keep out! Keep out!

repeat - I am the sheriff of Cwmdonkin Park

I'm vicious and I'm nasty and I'll snap you in half

if you dare to walk on my grass.

So keep out, keep out for goodness sakes

or you'll be going home in a wooden crate.

You'd better watch out, You'd better not cry,

You better not pout, I'm telling you why...

repeat - I am the sheriff of Cwmdonkin Park


I try to tell you how much I love you

I try to tell you how much I care

I try to tell you my love love was always there for you.

Time wander on_wards. Tide washes all clean.

The memories I held so strong get wiped clean.

The death of love is like a blunt axe...

it never cuts clean.

Wandering through waste lands,

Shadow people telling lies,

Can't they see the love we had?

Time will tell if they were right,

But if they were our love was a lie.

repeat - Time wanders...


chorus: (x3)

What a meal, What a meal,

What a glorious meal,

What a sumptuous meal we shall have.

With roast potatoes and parsnip tops,

Brussell sprouts that roll round your plate

and Carrots that make them stop.

and Best of all lets not forget

The turkey that floats in a puddle of gravy.

chorus: (x3)

With plenty for all and seconds as well

and No one will tell if thirds are had as well,

but Most of all lets leave some room

for the Sweets that swim in oodles of honey.

chorus: (x3)



Sparkling, flashing, bright and new,

Oh so manny games to play;

Santa's been again this year.

Look I have a nice new scarf,

Squeaky shoes and balaclavas,

Oh so many things to see;

Books that give advise to me.

All these gifts are fine and grand

but if asked I won't deny it:

Hard boiled sweets and sugar fags

are all I really want to have.


Brahm's -Silent Night - Lullaby - go to sleep

Lullaby and Goodnight Lay thee down now and rest,

with Roses bedighted may thy slumber be blest,

with lillies bedecked repeat

is baby's sweet bed repeat

Lullaby and goodnight

with roses bedight

Lullaby and goodnight

is baby's sweet bed

Silent Night, Holy Night

All is calm, all is bright

Round young virgin, Mother and child

Holy infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace. Sleep in heavenly peace

There Was a House 1 and 4

Where I was born

So many Years ago

When did I leave my Mother's Arms

and Shut my Childhood's door?


Nutured in my arms

Now growing on his own

I long for Days of Childhood Ways -

of Innocence and Joy

This then is our hope for love

on the longest night of the Darkest Day 3 and 6

When our age has come and gone

the children will carry on.

Born a child of hope and love 5

to carry on, to carry on

Children born across this World

Must learn to live together

Will -

Parents pointing out the way

to help the child's love grow.

CRISTMAS MOUSE - Hickory dikory dock. Three blind mice.

Nutcracker. While the cat is away the mice will play.

Christmas mouse, christmas mouse

See how he runs, having fun

The mice ran up the christmass tree

He wants the candy canes just like me

Sugar plums dancing one, two, three

The cat came round in time to see

the mouse fell out the christmas tree

They chase each other endlessly

For christmases eternally

belong to critters just like me

and Christmas Mouse and C. cat

side by side on the mantle sat...

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