Some Music of  Lindsay Holliday


Samples from my homemade CDs
    Angels  in  America  


 Christmas Holliday Music - coming soon

Approaching Zanzibar

and other stories - coming soon

 My first, main "MIDI Guru" for years was  my friend Steve Allen who introduced me to the midi software sequencer - Cakewalk. Steve turned me on to the beautifully flexible voices in the Roland Sound Canvass synthesizer.  All the music below was created with these two products plus a home computer and a generic electronic keyboard:

- audio samples of the variety of some musical ideas -
 - quirky and somewhat unpolished -
Friend Forever     Pop.  Lovely Vocals by Moira Glennon and Betsy Bell

recorded and mixed at historic Capricorn Studio, Downtown Macon.

  Aliens/Angels  Approaching

 Techno-Rave- Machine Language - Bizarre
Approaching Zanzibar  
King Louis XIII   Baroque Chamber music for clav/harpsicord, flutes
Harvey Whimsical, capricious, 1960's movies conventions ...

Think of Jimmy Stewart and a large invisible rabbit...

You Are The One

New-Age, Echo-Space, Trance, Meditation 
 Parade of the 3 Musketeers   Romantic/Rennaisance - French Horns, Drum-march
"He who tooteth not his own horn, that same horn doth go untooted"
 Billy Budd Overture  Lonely maritime whistle, sea birds, surf, endless waves  
 Courtneys New Violin
  Mp3 version
  String quartet, round theme based on a mistuned beginer's exercise.
A-Weem-A-Wak-America a HipHop Brass Band plays "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

and "America the Beautiful" - Simultaneously


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Lindsay Holliday

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