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A Child's Christmas in Wales

all songs by Justin Golding and Lindsay Holliday except * arranged by Holliday  (November 1993)


Act 1

1 - Moonlight and Snowfall* 1:40

2 - Quiet Town 2:10

3 - Cwmdounkin Park 1:50

4 - Try to Tell 2:48

5 - What a Meal 2:12


7 - Christmas Toys 1:58

8- What Child, House* - solo 3:56

9 - Deck the Halls (tradit.) 1:40

10 - Quiet Town - the waltz 3:30

11 - Green Sleeves* - ensemble 5:13

12 - Lullaby/Silent Night* 3:00 - Brahm's Silent Night Lullaby


1*- Moonlight and Snowfall... (repeat thru out)

Snow falling in to the sea...

Snow drifting over the land...

Sweet dreams are coming to me...

13-Courtney's New Violin

14-Enter the Muse

Instrumental Arrangement and Performance

by Lindsay D. Holliday, DMD.


Greensleaves / There Was a House [In New Orleans] - synthesis  

Where I was born

So many Years ago

When did I leave my Mother's Arms

and Shut my Childhood's door?


Nutured in my arms

Now growing on his own

I long for Days of Childhood Ways -

of Innocence and Joy

This then is our hope for love

on the longest night of the Darkest Day 3 and 6

When our age has come and gone

the children will carry on.

Born a child of hope and love 5

to carry on, to carry on

Children born across this World

Must learn to live together

Will -

Parents pointing out the way

to help the child's love grow.

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