Immediate Need for Safer Signage for Exit from I-75 to I-16
I-75 South to I-16 East

-Please- Improve the misleading signage.

Safer Picto-graphic Signage for i16i75

Display this Sign Twice - at 3 or 4 miles out and - at 1 or 2 miles before intersection

To make a better looking sign, go to

Old existing misleading sign

   I-16     I-75  

Left     Right

Lane     Lane

remove this misleading sign

This old sign is misleading. The more accurate picture-graphic shows that the "Left Lane" stays with I-75.   And in order to get to I-16, one must Exit the Left Lane - to the Left.

It needs to be changed out to save lives and property.

Please improve the Signage immediately - Do NOT wait another 3 years for redesign.  The DOT has been contacted repeatedly about this problem over the years by numerous persons.   For some reason they have chosen not to act on this dangerous missignage yet.

Thank You !!!   The Georgia DOT did act to solve a different problem below:    Thank you !!!

Letter to the Macon Telegraph -  Posted on Thu, Oct. 30, 2003  - in which GaDOT engineer, Thomas B. Howell asks for citizens to report to the "EAR" program any safety suggestions for Georgia Highway designs:  


Upon seeing a "Letter to the Editor" last Friday concerning the Hartley Bridge Road at Interstate 75 construction area, I immediately contacted our personnel on the scene to determine the validity of Mr. Gatlyn's complaint.

As it turns out, my staff informed me that indeed there was a kind of "visual distortion" present, and that motorists could possibly mistake an old, unused driveway for the I-75 on- ramp. To rectify the situation, the Georgia DOT has asked our construction contractor to tighten up the distance between barrels and move the destination sign closer to the actual on-ramp in an attempt to eliminate this confusion.

We believe these changes will eliminate the situation described in Mr. Gatlyn's letter. Further, I believe this situation illustrates the Georgia DOT's new commitment to listening and responding to our customers - the drivers and taxpayers of this state. Harold Linnenkohl, our new commissioner, has asked us to follow his "EAR" program, which directs us to be "Ethical, Accountable and Responsible" in all our actions.

I would like to thank Mr. Gatlyn for bringing this situation to our attention, and I would also like to encourage other users of our state highway system to report similar circumstances like this to one of our many local offices. Please allow us to show you our commitment to lending an "EAR" to the taxpayers of this state.

Thomas B. Howell

District engineer, District 3,

Georgia Department of Transportation


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