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Georgia Dental Association

Central  District  Dental Society 1999-2000

Macon State College - Hygiene School - Scholarship Recipients 1999-2000

Hygiene Students

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The following students from the Macon State College - School of Dental Hygiene  were awarded financial scholarships  by the CDDS.  Awards were based on their outstanding academic performance:

[L to R back row] Niki Thompson, Allison Garrett, Pam McCullough    [front] Gwen Smith, Amanda Thursby, Leigh Brack, April Turner

AWARD categories and their respective recipients:

 Bibb County: Leigh Foshee Brack

CDDS Freshman: April Turner

CDDS Sophomore: Nikki Thompson

Houston Co Freshman: Sheri Thursby

Houston Co Sophomore: Allison Garrett

Cassidy: Tonya Minschew

Georgia Dental Education Foundation: Gwen Smith and Pam McCullough



Jay Harrington Milledgeville
President-Elect: Paul Fraysure Macon
Past-President: Nancy O'Brien Macon
Vice-President       Don Benton Macon
Secretary- Treasurer: Craig McCroba   Macon   
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Georgia Dental Education Foundation Recipients:

Gwen Smith and Pam McCullough

with Dr Robert Vedder

 Dental Screenings Volunteers

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