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 Hygiene Schools - Scholarship Recipients  2000-2001

Hygiene Students

  photography by  L Holliday

The following students from the Macon State College - School of Dental Hygiene  were awarded financial scholarships  by the CDDS on November 9th 2000.  Awards were based on their outstanding academic performance:

[Back Row - L to R] Brenda Humphrey, Joy Hamblen(instructor), Lisa Moessner, Brooke Brantley;

[Front]  Ericka Weller, Melinda Jean Reeves, Brooke Amy Bowles, April Elizabeth Wood, Wanda N. Person.

AWARD categories and their respective recipients:

 Macon State College:


Freshman: $300 Erika Leslie Weller

Sophomore: $700 Brenda Humphrey

Bibb County Dental Society:

Freshman: $250 Wanda Person

Sophomore: $250 Lisa Moessner

Houston County Dental Society:

Freshman: Brooke Amy Bowles

Sophomore: April Elizabeth Wood

Cassidy: Melinda Jean Reeves

Georgia Dental Education Foundation: Brooke Brantley and Wanda N. Person

Middle Georgia Technical College:


Sophomore: tie- $350 Jill Annette Foster, $350 Kristy Renee Noyes

Mid GA Tech College

[Above] CDDS dentist Dr.Sheila Shah with award recipient Kristy Noyes

and Middle Georgia Technical Institute Hyg. Dept. Chairperson,  David C. Reff, BS, DDS.



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Georgia Dental Education Foundation Recipients:

Brooke Brantley and Wanda N. Person

with Dr Robert Vedder

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