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Georgia Dental Association

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Central District Leaders 2014-15:
President - Bhasin Vin,
President-elect -  Cameron Garvin,
Vice Pres -Jamie Mitchell,
Secretary-Treasurer - Don Benton,
Editor- Amy Lee,
Trustee GDA - Mike Loden,  ADA Delegate - Kara G. Moore, Our Most-Excellent 5th District Trustee Candidate - Jay Harrington, CDDS Chair of our GDA Delegation - Nancy Obrien.

[new] GDA Executive Director - Frank Capaldo,  GDA President - Doug Torbush,  CDDS President - Vin Bhasin



The CDDS met on Thursday, November 10, 2011
Speaker: Dr. Ron Russ

Meeting Speaker



President-Dr  Alfred Peters awards the Past-President Plaque to Dr Kara Moore  11-10-2011

 Hygiene Scholarship Awards


 (CDDS Scholarship) and  (Cassidy Award)
Dr Barbara Jansen is head of the Hygiene Department at Middle Georgia Technical College and Dr Sheila Shah is Chair of Hygiene Awards Committee for the Central District Dental Society

Hygiene Scholarship Awards to Central Georgia Technical College Students:

Donna Hall, RDH, teaches Dental Hygiene at CGTC

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Here are the proposed changes to the

CDDS Constitution and Bylaws including the Policy Manual: (click)

and here is the working copy: (click)

draft - Delegates-Policy.htm




WRAFB - Museum of Aviation


Kara Griffin Moore presents a power-point of Mercury-Wastewater BMP - Best Management Practices ---->>

Above: Table Clinic by Lindsay Holliday
- Red LED Darkroom Safelights -
- Discover a less expensive source - (click)
- Strawpoll of dentists at the meeting revealed that about  50%  use a darkroom in their practices.



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Nominating Committee
CDDS Committee Appointments: 

GDIS - John Ferguson

GDEF Paul Fraysure

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