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Officers and Calendar

The CDDS met on Thursday, Feb 5, 2009 at the Officer's Club, Robins AFB, GA - Dinner and 1 hour CE

Speaker: Dr. Daron C. Praetzel, Maj, USAF, DC, Chief, Oral and
Maxillofacial Surgery Wright Patterson AFB, OH

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 2 pictures (linked above) as a reminder of the meeting's ambience - which was enjoyed very much - thanks to the WRAFB Dental Team. 

Thank-you, Dr Praetzel,  for a Great Presentation - personal, heartfelt, dramatic and highly educational - with clinical concepts (especially the wound-vacuum) to which very few of us have been exposed. . .



President-Elect - Dr Roy Lehrman with our Program Speaker - Dr Thomas Sachy who lectured about Brain-Imaging and Depression, and CDDS President - Dr Lindsay Holliday.  At the Idle Hour Country Club on November 20th, 2008.

 Hygiene Scholarship Awards


Kelli Garrett (CDDS Scholarship) and Ashley Williams (Cassidy Award)
Dr Barbara Jansen is head of the Hygiene Department at Middle Georgia Technical College and Dr Sheila Shah is Chair of Hygiene Awards Committee for the Central District Dental Society

Hygiene Scholarship Awards to Central Georgia Technical College Students:

Marsha R. McCrimmon, RDH, BS, MPH is the Program Chair of the Dental Hygiene Program at CGTC



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  Central District had 26 Dentists to attend LAW Day on March 12, 2008


Attendees (L to R)
Front row:  Stephen Mixon, Mike and Amy Loden, Kara Grfiffin Moore, Amber Lawson, Ched Smaha, Richard Mixon.

Rear platoon:  Ty Ivey,  Tamas Szakal, Don Benton, Vinamra Bhasim, Vince Carey,  Bill Argo, Sharon Jordan, Mike Doyle(back), Ron Adams, Lyn Mullis, Deena H Smith, Craig McCroba, Mrs and Jay Harrington, Bob Vedder, Harold Hickman, Paul Fraysure. 
- - Photo by Lindsay Holliday

click here to see picture that also includes:   Rob McCormack and Shirley Fisher
-for a Great Total of 26 CDDS members present for LAW Day 2008!

  Membership Meeting on November 1st, 2007 at the Macon City Club


Scholarship Awards:
Cassidy Award Recipients:
Vicky Smith Childres
Kimberly Dawn Layfield

CGTC Scholarship:
Janalyn Haralson

MGTC Scholarship:
Lori A Jordan

GDEF Scholarships:
Angie Arredondo - MGTC
Kimberly D Layfield - MGTC

Tracy Curry - CGTC
Adam Matthews - CGTC


(above) Kimberly D. Layfield received the Dr. James L. Cassidy Jr. Scholarship, and Lori Jordan received the CDDS Scholarship


Marsha R. McCrimmon, RDH,  Chair of Dental Hygiene Program at Central Georgia Technical College with student Tracy Curry and Emile T. Fisher Foundation Chairman, Dr Paul Fraysure

  Tracy Curry - CGTC (above) , and  Angie Arredondo and Kimberly D. Layfield (below) were all recipients of the Emile T. Fisher Foundation Scholarships.



Here are the proposed changes to the

CDDS Constitution and Bylaws including the Policy Manual: (click)

and here is the working copy: (click)

  Membership Meeting on September 13, 2007 at the Macon City Club

Dr Cassidy

Immediate Past President, Dr Deena H Smith recieves the  "Gavel Award" from Dr Mike Loden

Jay Harrington
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Cassidy Plaque
A big "Thank-you" to Dr Jimmy Cassidy for his presentation.

Scott A Mackey, DDS., MS., is the Director of Periodontal Research at USAF Periodontics Residency Program, Wilford Hall Medical Center.


WRAFB - Museum of Aviation


Kara Griffin Moore presents a power-point of Mercury-Wastewater BMP - Best Management Practices ---->>

Above: Table Clinic by Lindsay Holliday
- Red LED Darkroom Safelights -
- Discover a less expensive source - (click)
- Strawpoll of dentists at the meeting revealed that about  50%  use a darkroom in their practices.

Program:  Direct Reimbursement Benefits to Dental Patients by Dr Billy Jamerson and Mr.Roger Shultz

 Hygiene Schools - Scholarship Recipients  2005-2006

The following students from the Central Georgia Technical College - School of Dental Hygiene  were awarded financial scholarships  by the CDDS on November 10th 2005.  

Awards were based on their outstanding academic performance:

AWARD categories and their respective recipients:

 Central Georgia Tech College: Pics


Freshman: $300  

Sophomore: $700  

Bibb County Dental Society:

Freshman: $250  

Sophomore: $250  

Houston County Dental Society:




Georgia Dental Education Foundation:  

Middle Georgia Technical College:



[Above] Award recipient Amy Shaw with

Middle Georgia Technical Institute Hyg. Dept. Chairperson, Dr Barbara Jansen  and CDDS Dentist Dr Paul Fraysure



Deena Holliman Smith
President-Elect: Mike Loden Warner Robins
Past-President: Don Spillers Warner Robins
Vice-President       Lindsay Holliday
Secretary- Treasurer: Don Benton Macon   
Editor: John Bowman


GDA Delegation
Kendrick Mathews - Chairman,Thomas Griffin, Jay Harrington , Nancy O’Brien, Steve McLain

Alternate Delegates
Alfred Peters, Shirley Fisher, Roy Lehrman, Craig McCroba, Pinkney Gilcrist

ADA Delegate - Ty Ivey

Nominating Committee
Ty Ivey, Craig McCroba, Pinkney Gilcrist, Shawn Scott, Bob Vedder

CDDS Committee Appointments:
Awards - Don Spillers
Constitution & Bylaws - Jon Griggs
Council on Dental Health - Shirley Fisher
Finance - Kendrick Mathews
Forensic Dentistry - Ashley Walker
Governmental Affairs - Jay Harrington
Membership Services - Mike Loden
Peer Review - Thomas Woodcock
Public Relations - Lindsay Holliday
Recruitment & Retention - Kara Griffin Moore
Workforce - Shirley Fisher

GDHC - Jim Hall

GDIS - John Ferguson

GDEF Paul Fraysure

CDDS Scrap-Book

year 1999-2000 , 2000-2001

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